The latest trends aligned with sustainability and respect for the environment. An adventure through inspirational motifs.


Tradition and modernity, quality and minimalism, fun and relaxation… Feel the emotion that the decor paper evokes!

Inspiration Walls


Unexplored Terrain

The technology of drones offers the best inspiration for this trend that mimics the colour and textures of aerial views. Nevertheless, the background and origin of this trend lie in the need for mankind to continue exploring and discovering now by air, what can’t be reached by land. Volcanic eruptions, fossils, minerals, lakes, marshes seen and scanned from the air provide warm, watery textures and colour palettes. It is a trend that includes surfaces with relief work that invite us to touch the smooth and wavy movements.


Refined Raw

In a world marked by an accumulation of goods, the consumer has a deep desire to return to the simple and essential. Refined Raw is a call to consume less but more meaningfully. It’s time to look back, to observe the history of humanity, to realize that the new is not necessarily the best. The materials that are used in this trend are the recovered and noble woods, wool, terra-cotta, felt, marble, lava stone. The look is raw, but refined emphasizing everlasting resources, ultimately of high quality.


Time Out

This trend has been created from the instinctive need to express ourselves and disconnect from a world, sometimes chaotic. It focuses on the need to stop and take a deep breath. It is essentially a quiet, sensitive, contemplative narrative that transmits innovation and technology to make our lives more enjoyable, valuing them without supporting the dependence of digital devices. Time Out invites disconnection in every way within our home with a cosy environment designed with pleasing textures and biomorphic shapes.

Barcelona Concept