Trends: a new way of understanding the kitchen

In these last years, kitchen has evolved to become a more ample and kind space full of light, with an important role within the house.


During the lockdown, this trend became stronger and transformed the kitchen in the neuralgic point of many households. We cook more and better, but we also spend more time in the kitchen and, therefore, its functions have evolved: we now eat, meet our family and friends, and we even work in the kitchen.


One space, a variety of elements


After all these months, kitchens are a multifunctional space that changes according to the family’s necessities.


Following this concept, decoration is the main way to design a space that is adjusted exactly to what its inhabitants are looking for.


In this way, the line separating kitchen from other spaces blurs, and we add more and more elements from other ambiences. The aim is not to create hybrid spaces, but to define the space according to the function we want to establish.


Materials that connect us to the exterior


Our need to be closer to nature is stronger than ever and, for this reason, we seek to integrate it in our homes.


This happens in the kitchen as well, where natural elements are gaining importance. Be it in horizontal or vertical surfaces, materials like marble stand out for their visual richness and its naturalness. In addition, they help to potentiate feelings of balance and tranquility.

Featured design: Atmosphere Marble

On the other side, wood has become a demanded resource due to its versatility. This quality makes it an ideal material to adapt the kitchen to the personality of their inhabitants and the use they do of the space.


Woods that stand out for elements such as cathedrals or open pores help to bring nature into the room. In dark hues they create elegant and balanced spaces. Meanwhile, medium tonalities help to underline the naturalness of the original wood.


In addition, woods with characteristic marks appeal to our memory and the experiences that have changed us. In this way, we reinforce the personal bond that links us to the spaces that surround us.

Featured design: Sawmill