Color variations

  • CP90A2 - D0031
  • CP90A2 - D002
  • CP90A2 - D003
1200 x 1200 mm

Mediterranean woven materials have always set trends; there are many types and variations, from typical Mallorcan cloths, known as “teles de llengües” or “ikats”, to natural products such as llata, made from woven palm fronds, wicker, and twine. But the fabric that we are focusing on here is a rustic item with its own identity: burlap, which is also known as sackcloth. It is a natural, durable fabric made from the jute plant and, on occasion, from hemp. Its texture, body and uses are highly varied, so much so that the fabric has long been a part of the Mediterranean tradition. Burlap is used in the scrim of walls, to make curtains, doors, windows, benches, furniture and, as it could not be any other way, it is also completely integrated in this carefully assembled collection. All of these natural fibres have an artisanal spirit, taking us back to a time when things were made slowly and with great care; work done by hand that imparts a rustic flavour to its designs.


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