Color variations

  • MX09A1 - D001
  • MX09A1 - D002
  • MX09A1 - D003
1300 x 716 mm

This fusion is inspired by Mediterranean stone, an homage to dry stone architecture and huts of thatch and wood. The dry stone technique consists in overlaying flat, unpolished stones that fit snugly atop the stone beneath it, making a slight slope. Each added layer angles gently toward the interior, forming rings of stone in a decreasing arch which creates a dome that is ultimately closed by one or more slabs. Sometimes the dome is covered with a layer of earth and clay and occasionally vegetation is planted to fasten the closure. Examples of dry stone construction are of great historical and architectural value and an authentic part of the Mediterranean identity. For centuries they have been a part of pastures and farmlands on which crops completely adapted to the soils and climate of the Mediterranean such as oak, grapes, and cereals predominate. The dry stone walls were also built to create plots or delimit parcels, constructing rich ecosystems for many species of animals and plants; a traditional fusion with its own identity.


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