Color variations

  • MX07A2 - 014
  • MX07A2 - 013
  • MX07A2 - 016
1300 x 640 mm

This fusion of three elements is inspired by the art of basket weaving, one of the most ancient crafts which has been a part of the history of every human civilization and, at the same time, one of the traditions most closely linked to nature. The botanical diversity of Mediterranean has facilitated the development of this craft which is noted for the simplicity of its fabrication and its use of different materials in the creation of baskets, cords, and mats. Different traditional techniques such as braiding, which uses broad, flexible materials, has converted this craft which relies natural materials into a clear example of a manifestation of people working to meet certain needs. In this effort, human beings collected vegetation from their surroundings, then moulded and adapted it to create, what was at first merely a simple and rustic yet functional object that over time becomes an item of creative and decorative design.


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