Color variations

  • TR47B3 - 014
  • TR47B3 - 001
  • TR47B3 - 017
  • TR47B3 - 015
  • TR47B3 - 009
1200 x 2000 mm

When talking about Barcelona, it is inevitable to mention its most representative tree, the plane tree (Platanus × hispanica). It all started in 1859 on Barcelona’s most important pedestrian walkway, the Ramblas, which needed to be lined with trees. After testing several species, the plane tree was the one that provided the best shade and most easily adapted to the city’s climate. Ever since then, the shade that the streets of Barcelona require has been cast by these trees. It has become such an icon that the new tiles on the pavement of Avinguda Diagonal replicate the shape of its leaves. This design brings elegance to the collection and, most of all, it stands out among all other types of wood you might have seen before. This wood is used by such luxury brands as Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton or BMW for its application or in their points of sale due to its subtle, strange beauty. Its image may call to mind exotic woods, reptile skin or a fantasy; like Barcelona, it has many faces, all of them amazing.


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