Integrating Nature into interiors

Truth is stranger than fiction. This is, probably, one of the most heard phrases lately.


Among all these changes in our life, companies have been able to adapt to the new reality better than other institutions. In fact, businesses are trusted by 61% of the population, more than Governments and NGOs.


We seem to be more conscious of everything that surrounds us and companies need to show this reality through products that connect us with our environment.


Homes with a natural reflection


After months without been able to go out, we need to feel closer to nature inside our own home.


That is why colours like green or turquoise are trend, as well as the natural range, including white and earth hues.

In a more subtle way, textile designs, such as linen, help to bring the exterior into our rooms.


Materials that link outdoors and indoors


Few things connect us with nature as much as stones. Veined marbles add personality and, in kitchens or bathrooms, help to improve our wellbeing.

Materials that are still trendy, such as terrazzo , generate happy emotions that approach us to nature. Also, they transform spaces, providing them with a distinct personality.


We cannot forget wood, the main option if we are looking for the ‘outdoors connection’. Aged rustic woods, with its knots and cracks, are an ideal option to decorate rooms in which we seek to rebuild our relationship with nature.

A look into the past


In the era of circular economy and recycling, the use of recovered materials is one of the most successful trends nowadays.


On the one hand, it allows us to contribute to sustainability through reutilization.

On the other hand, already used materials talk to us about the passing of time and our memories, making us feel part of a story that links us with the future.


Suitable for woods and rocks, boosting this second life in materials will help us connect with nature through a window to the past.