Hábitat 2019: growing design

Feria Hábitat Valencia, the great reference event for Spanish furniture and design, opened its doors once again last September to consolidate the design sector in Spain, in addition, the official announcement of Valencia as the World Design Capital 2022, a very positive news for the industry. The Decotec team was present at this reference event, where prescribers, interior designers, decorators, designers and contract professionals attend to learn about the new trends in the furniture sector.

In this article we compile the proposals that manufacturers have presented during the fair. We could see how oak designs remain as protagonists. Oaks that adapt to new trends, timeless such as Soul, Solid Oak, French Oak, and Balkan Oak. Or more authentic and rustic oaks like our 08001 design where knots and cracks are appreciated. There was an increase in the presence of walnut, both in color and structure, in the style of our Opera Walnut. The application of hybrid designs was also a proposal of several manufacturers, like Dry Stone.

All these textures could also be combined by marbles and metals. And the fabrics don’t leave the closet, but they maintain their presence, such as Lido and Faber.

In terms of color trend, soft and warm tones, including mustard, nude or terracotta, are protagonists. Greens, the most sustainable color palette. And the irresistible white, the Spanish commodity color.


Within the program of conferences offered in Nude space, the main theme was the Contract, the objective channel of many manufacturers that offer proposals for the Hospitality, Retail and Corporate sector. Custom furniture, created, designed and made for a specific project.

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