Lifestyles 2015




The trend awakes your senses, is reminiscent of a way of living, a return to nature. We need to take a breather from our daily life, to take things more slowly, to stop and think. We need to make our own discoveries and be alone with ourselves. Here is a feeling of romanticism along with a strong touch of the bohemian lifestyle.

These décors are characterized by a new rustic design and a very natural look. The surfaces resemble crafted wood with a marked 3D effect.

The palette of colors offers us earthy shades and golden honey highlights combined with fresh greens, bright oranges, colours that reflect the wild, ethnic influence of the trend.



Seeks its haven in spaces and objects that follow classical proportions and forms, items that identify with luxury, bringing us an elegant, rather masculine design.

This trend moves towards concepts that stay with us over time, but it also combines well with modern urban tastes.

Decotec’s designs are characterized by being based on noble woods, and for their ability to combine with marble, ceramics and glass. They are designs which will add value to product status and will play their role well over time.



Has settled for an informal design where priority is given to improvisation and reusing raw materials. This trend is a legacy of Eco – design as it expresses concern for the environment. It is a high-risk bet that focuses on design as an opportunity to experiment with materials and finishes.

Materials such as cement, wood with patina-covered, metal, fabrics and discarded materials, thus giving a second chance to objects with a past life.

The palette tends towards strong colours combined with neutral shades.



Is a trend that relates to the social changes that are emerging in the search for alternatives to consumer society, leisure and lifestyles. Products for the home have to be really useful, long-lasting and not superficial, with no unnecessary decorative features.

It brings us the simplicity and timelessness of the Nordic style, with its purity, unadorned features and plain forms.

The palette of pastel hues creates a cosy balanced atmosphere.


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